Amanda (Mandy) Cleveland

 Program Director & PATH Intl. Advanced Instructor

    Amanda "Mandy" grew up in the Texas horse world. She was a familiar face with her thoroughbred, Mac, around the NTHJA horse show circuit. She and Mac moved on to St. Andrews Presbyterian College where Mandy rode on  their equestrian team. Upon completing all therapeutic riding classes offered at St. Andrews she transferred  and graduated from Texas Woman's University. She received her degree in Education, certified to teach Secondary and Special Education.  Mandy came to realize her true calling was in the arena instead of a classroom.  

    Stable Strides Farm was born! Her concept was to develop a program where individuals with special needs could have a positive place to learn and grow into talented, competitive equestrians.  Stable Strides Farm is in it's 16th year as one of the premiere  therapeutic riding programs in Texas.  In her (very little) spare time, Mandy and her children continue to compete and stay on the cutting edge of the horse show world. 

    "I hope to be doing this for a long time. This is something that I believe in and hope to always be a part of. I learn so much form each rider. I love watching our riders shine!"  Mandy Cleveland 

Savannah McGinnis

PATH Intl. Certified Instructor

    Savannah grew up around her grandparents ranch in Justin, Tx and has worked with horses her entire life. As a teenager she competed in everything from Western Horsemanship to Reining, Western Pleasure was always her favorite!

    Savannah's passion for therapeutic riding began in 2002.  At the age of 8 she met Ms. Mandy and became a rider in the Stable Strides program. Eventually, she began volunteering and knew what her life's passion was. She has experienced first hand what it means to grow and overcome some of life's challenges and loves being a part of the success of her students.

    "i had such crippling anxiety and my ADHD was so bad I could not focus. Through horseback riding I was able to overcome a lot of my anxiety. With regards to my ADHD, riding really helped me become more focused and able to channel my thoughts better inside and out of the arena."    Savannah


Tracy Grucza

PATH Intl.Certified Instructor

    Tracy grew up in Pennsylvania and was always a horse lover.  She was fortunate enough to ride her own horse through the open lands near her home. She has been involved in the equestrian world in many fascinating ways, having worked on an Appaloosa farm and was even lead instructor at a Girl Scout camp!

    Tracy has her BA in Elementary Education and her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She continued to ride and take lessons while raising a family with her husband, teaching school and eventually moving to Kentucky and finally Texas! 

    When Tracy was introduced to Stable Strides Farm the excitement of a new chapter began. She started as a very enthusiastic volunteer. She  then felt the need to become more involved in the magic that happened in the barns as riders and horses came together.  Now you can find Tracy at the farm most days, teaching or volunteering. We're so glad you finally made it to Texas!

Tammi Wilson Heditsian

PATH Intl.Certified Instructor

   After leaving the corporate world, Tammi was able to pursue her childhood dream of an equestrian lifestyle. She worked in barns in every capacity, took lessons in multiple disciplines, taught at summer camp, and eventually discovered the joy of competition. In 2012 she purchased a prospect horse to train and eventually show. Six years later, he is her trusted show partner and therapy horse in training.

   Tammi was searching for a way to combine her love of horses and a way to serve in the ministry. That prayer was answered when she moved her horse to Bridlewood and met  the Stable Strides family. "I immediately fell in love with the program, began volunteering and travelled to as many shows as possible. I will never forget the first time I heard a rider express so much emotion from the freedom of trotting, or the first time I saw a rider accept an award for a job well done." 

   After becoming PATH certified  you will find her at her happiest in the arena working with the most inspirational students she has ever met and loving every minute of it.                



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